Does a Porsche Cayman with the V8 from a Ford Mustang? The madness that you were not expecting to see today

What makes a Porsche with the engine from Ford? No, there is no provision for collaboration between the u.s. firm and the germans but someone has thought that was a good idea to stand up to a Porsche Cayman the mechanics of a Ford Mustang, the result? A spawn of the more thought-provoking with some flavor of sacrilege for those that we love engines boxer.

behind the cabin of this Porsche Cayman inhabits now the V8 of 5 litres that uses the Ford Mustang, inherited directly from a Boss 302.

Thanks to this new powertrain, the Porsche Cayman has a power of 424 horses and his pair is almost 500 Nm. These figures quite substantial with the “charm” of additional of the rarity that is the fact of lifting the tailgate and bump into a mr V8 in place of the “six-flat” original.

Recall that currently Porsche has been fired from the block of 6 cylinders in the Porsche Cayman, now Porsche 718 Cayman, to make way for a new boxer engine turbo 4-cylinder. This block, also present in the Porsche 718 Boxster, it offers an output of 300 horses, 350 horsepower in the case of the version S.

video: this is the Porsche Cayman with an engine of a Ford Mustang