Does an SUV premium smaller than the Nissan Juke? Yes, Lexus could do it

While the media attention in recent days has focused on the New York Hall of 2016 a little more to the west, and in Canada, it is celebrated on the Hall of Vanncouver, an appointment less yes, but that has served to Lexus as an excuse to dust off the Lexus LF-SA, the concept of a premium SUVS of small size that makes us think that the japanese brand has not forgotten this (possibly fruitful) idea.

The Lexus LF-SA was presented by the firm a year ago, at the Geneva motor show of 2015, implementing a length of 3.4 metres which places it half way between the segment A and the segment B, making this SUV concept is an interesting proposal for those who want an SUV for use in the city, with the quality that is assumed to be a premium brand and with a bold design.

No more news on his possible arrival in production, or rumors, we are left with the question of if Lexus will bring this model to production or not, also taking in mind that the brand usually comply with your conceptual models, driving them to the streets without excessive changes.

Edges, strokes, aggressive, a spectacular grill… all a daring proposal that is faithful to the design language of the brand, of getting to the streets, you could see the faces with a newcomer on Audi Q2.

Lexus in his time did not mention anything about its mechanics, but… why not go imagining already the propellant hybrid the new Toyota Prius and its 122 horsepower?

live from the living Room of Vancouver 2016: