Does luck or talent? A drift perfect with a front-wheel drive on the Nürburgring with a Renault Mégane RS

NurburgringIn the world there are many fans of the motor, which they as the temple old layout of the Nürburgring, also known as the “ring” or the “green hell”. This track German has seen many deaths, accidents powerful and saved almost miraculous. One of the most spectacular images seen in the entire history of the old layout of the Nürburgring, and the most famous, was the terrible accident of Niki Lauda in the year 76 at the wheel of his Formula 1.

This track is currently used by a multitude of brands to make test and tune their cars before they are released to the market, especially when it comes to sport versions. Also vying for some competitions, such as the 24 Hours of Nürburgring (among many others) and, during the weekends, it is usually open to the public for fans to burn adrenaline with their cars and bikes.

by opening YouTube and type in Nurburgring into the search engine, we will see hundreds of videos and compilations of scenes with supercars, motorcycles, passenger cars ordinary and even a van rolling around with the knife between the teeth in the most of 20 kilometres of the route of the trail. Unfortunately, it is also common to find yourself with a strong accident that put the willies.

In this video we leave you then you’re not going to see or a supercar by the roar of a thousand horses, or a bike hitting violently against the today. It is a Renault Mégane RS of the third generation (and rental) to circulate fully side in two curves-bound, a first left and second right. To make matters worse, the speed at which you slide the compact sport is not exactly low, given that the event takes place in two curves blazingly fast.


Seen the video, we think that a driver who does not have too much experience, and that “appears to the virgin”. However, if we see carefully, we can come to believe that it is premeditated or not, the driver has a car control worthy of a competition pilot. Maybe so, or maybe if it tries again ends up between the trees close to the asphalt of the Nürburgring.

The case is that corrects perfectly the trajectory of the Mégane RS with the steering wheel without freaking out and without falling into the temptation to use all of its forces on the brake pedal. Once you have the car virtually placed after the first curve, yes used to force the damper pedal by turning clockwise and returning to slip behind, by enrolling in the second curve again from the side. It is precisely the second drift that invites us to think that it was premeditated. In any case, only the driver of this Renault Mégane RS knows if they really did it on purpose or is it the virgin mary appeared at the Nürburgring at the same time I lined up all the planets of the solar system.