Does the Audi Q7 as the car for off-road?

The Audi Q7 does not have as an objective to be a 4×4 pure old-fashioned, it is more of a luxury sedan, with a height sufficient to overcome irregularities in the asphalt, which also allows you to enter in the field without a paved surface with certain guarantees, thanks to its all-wheel drive Quattro permanent.

The weight and size are the big enemies of the SUV segment And

The dimensions of the new Audi Q7 are slightly more compact than its predecessor and this new generation must highlight a reduction of fuel consumption by 28% and a reduction of weight of up to 325 kg according to the versions.

This is primary to leave the road and go into land of low grip, such as snow, earth or mud.

Indispensable: all-wheel drive and low weight

In normal driving conditions, the center differential distributes the power between the front and rear axles in a ratio of 40:60 respectively.

In the case that the wheels of one axle lose grip you can get to transfer up to a maximum of 70% of the force at the front axle and 85 percent to the rear axle is practically instantaneous which allows a better distribution of the force of the engine of face-to-overcome obstacles when we move on terrain that is not paved as they appear in the video.


Audi Q7 detail menu Audi drive select

to Increase the height to the ground is a great help

The system of driving dynamics Audi drive select, which is equipped, includes a driving mode called “off road“, which in combination with the air suspension adaptive can increase the height of the body:

  • 25 millimeters up to a speed of 80 km/h.
  • 35 extra millimeters if not more than 30/km/h

At certain times, this extra height will save the low of our vehicle. Aboard the the Audi Q7 premium comfort and quality finishes, this is why I refer to it as a luxury saloon high. what actually Serves as all-terrain?


The response really you have, because it depends on your requirements. If you go out with paths gravelled, or if it gets you into moderate trails like the entrance to a farm or rural home, the Audi Q7 will meet your expectations in every way, but if you want to immerse yourself in lands end, you’ll have to look at another model, one that is less refined and more pure in that sense.

The majority of users and customers do not need a 4×4 pure breed

For the true lovers of the Off Road tours that we have done in the video are not even for the initiated, although it is true that the majority of users, those who finally end up buying this type of vehicle, do not need a vehicle with great skills all-terrain.

fans who have a thirst for adventures out of the asphalt have been seen as the evolving technology that makes up the DNA of the modern vehicles have been increasing their weight and increasing their clumsiness on land adverse after each new release. Interestingly the same happens with the lovers of the authentic sports.