Does the new trio calavera? Chris Harris and Sabine Schmitz will join Chris Evans in the new Top Gear

The world a television of the motor has been in mourning after the mass exodus of Top Gear as we knew it. A fight of Clarkson with his producer led to his dismissal from the BBC, and without Clarkson, both James May Richard Hammond left the ship. Their new show car will begin in 2016 on Amazon Prime Video. Meanwhile Top Gear is being re-launched with Chris Evans leads the show. Today we have known that you will have two partners luxury: the lord Chris Harris and ms. Sabine Schmitz, also called the Queen of the Nürburgring.

is there any truth in this news?

Theoretically, the next may 8, 2016 will return to the BBC british a new Top Gear, led by Chris Evans.

The information has been leaked to the internet on the part of the Telegraph, a british newspaper supposedly reliable. The news arrive at the same time that the news of the abandonment of the project by Lisa Clark, the executive producer of the new Top Gear, as well as the dismissal of one of the writers. I therefore I urge you to take it with a touch of skepticism this news, which could belying soon. Chris Evans we have already spoken, months ago, let’s see what we know about Sabine Schmitz and Chris Harris.


Harris I think that you already do not need presentation by these lares. The journalist of the engine british is a constant source of inspiration for those who humbly we dedicate ourselves to this profession, and is known for his fantastic reviews of cars, published by Chris Harris on Cars, your YouTube channel. In addition, he has competed in endurance races on several occasions and usually cooperates with media from the likes of EVO or Jalopnik. The heavy weight of the industry, which is also an excellent communicator in their audiovisual pieces.

Very few people know the Nürburgring better than Sabine Schmitz: it is estimated that he has given about 30,000 laps in his entire life.

Sabine Schmitz is an old acquaintance of Top Gear: it proved that a Ford Transit could get close to 10 minutes per lap at the Nordschleife and has collaborated with the trio skull in other programs as a guest star. This German 46-year-old has also captained for years one of the Ring Taxi on the Nürburgring, where he directs one of the car rental companies. His experience in competition is also extensive: he has competed in the WTCC and won the 24 Hours of Nürburgring on two occasions.


Shmitz has collaborated with Tim Schrick in D-ENGINE, a program similar to Top Gear on German tv. Perhaps the biggest problem you are going to have Schmitz and Harris is that the general public not know who they are. By contrast, the public quemadillo know them perfectly, but you don’t know who Chris Evans is, at least outside of the Uk. It seems that a third figure will accompany promptly to these two signings. The pilot David Coulthard, which a few years ago was still driving a Formula 1.

it Is rumored that will be the next Stig, although this could also take a more active role in the program. What do you think of these signings?

Source: Telegraph
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