Does Toyota or Citroen? Kris Meeke must decide


Kris Meeke is the value most quoted in the WRC. With the projects of M-Sport, Volkswagen, and Hyundai closed, the march of Citroën Racing as official team of face-to-2016 places the irish as the most prized piece of the transfer market. And on the table Meeke has two offers, to lead the project of Citroën Racing or the Tommi Mäkinen, being the pilot reference in the return of Toyota to the World Rally. Both proposals have their nuances, but in general offer the same thing. to Develop a World Rally Car winner for 2017, being a spearhead for both teams.

Citroën Racing is in negotiations with Kris Meeke, although this has not prevented Yves Matton pull the ears to the irish. The pattern of the sports project of the PSA Group do not want the media to serve as speaker of the future of Meeke. In any case, both parties must hurry up since the 18th of December is the date in which the registrations will close the Rally Monte carlo. To participate in this test with the Citroën DS3 WRC semi-formal may be the first argument for which the French firm is imposed on Toyota.


And that is precisely the most attractive part. Citroën offers to Kris Meeke to contest some rallies in 2016, which will serve to maintain the competitive pace. The irish also have the work of to develop the Citroën C3 WRC 2017 and that would be the benchmark in its return as the official team under the new technical regulations. Citroën Racing has a huge experience in the World, has focused in the project after his departure from the WTCC and it has an engine 1.6 turbo very reliable derived from the C-Elysée, which will be the basis of the new World Rally Car.

The project of Tommi Mäkinen and Toyota has a few similar guidelines. 2016 would be a year for Kris Meeke is focused on the development work of the Toyota Yaris WRC, with the exception of not being able to compete with a World Rally Car. By 2017, the northern irish would be one of the pillars of the team, although without the confirmation of the rest of the riders runs the danger of being competition in home. Although the budget of Toyota and TMR is undoubtedly greater, the lack of experience of the Toyota Gazoo Racing and the peculiar twists and turns that it has taken the project leaves one in no doubt about the level you can reach.