Does waiting for the Opel Meriva 2017? Discover more details with these spy photos

Opel Meriva 2017 - foto espía

the side of The new Opel Meriva 2017 has been freed of a considerable amount of camouflage.

there Are numerous occasions in which we have been able to hunt in full session of testing the new Opel Meriva 2017. Without a doubt, we can say that it is one of the models that most times we have photographed since the beginning of the year. A few spy photos that have served us to see more clearly what is the evolution that suffer the mules of tests and prototypes that use the marks for the development of their new models.

On this occasion, and with these new spy photos of the Opel Meriva 2017, we are witnessing a considerable loss of camouflage that allows us to catch a glimpse of new details of the new generation of this model has a purely family of Opel. And that, on several occasions, we have been able to take a look at the interior of the new Opel Meriva. We are gradually clearing all the doubts about this model.

A model that, as we have commented in other occasions, will share the production facility with the Citroën C3 Picasso in the factory of General Motors in Zaragoza. And, the new Opel Meriva 2017 will share many components and other elements with the above-mentioned model of Citroën. Something that results in a significant reduction of development cost for GM.

Opel Meriva 2017 - foto espía

In the rear area, we can see for the first time the lights that will mount the German model.

But, back to these new spy photos and as well we said previously, the loss of camouflage allows us to enjoy new details of the design of the Meriva 2017. In particular, the disappearance of the camouflage heavy left step to the vinyl allows us to glimpse more clearly the lines and shapes of the car as well as the headlights and rear lights final.

Thanks to these spy photos we can also go by ratifying the position that we have maintained in recent months. And is that the new Opel Meriva 2017 will adopt a design, we could define as “crossoverizado”. It is No surprise to say that you will leave (in a more or less clear) the image of the minivan’s traditional to display an image more modern in keeping with the times in the sector and, in particular, in the segment of cars.

¿When will he be presented? Although he had spoken about his possible debut at the Paris motor show 2016 (end of September), the loss of camouflage so spaced out and slow, would make us think that her debut in society will not take place until the end of the year. Even so, we should not rule out any option in this aspect. We will be attentive.