Donald Trump appoints the Director of the EPA to a holocaust denier of climate change


Headquarters of the EPA.

One of the and first appointments that has made the new president-elect of the united States, Donald Trump, has been the direction of the u.s. Environmental Protection Agency u.s., the , EPA, which will now be led by Scott Pruitt.

This appointment could not be more contentious, since Pruitt is a known detractor of the theory of Climate Change, being featured in several lawsuits against the measures and regulations imposed by the EPA in recent years.

For some, the name Pruitt for this post is something like “putting the fox to look after the chicken coop”. Given the behavior that until now it was the Attorney General of Oklahoma, oil-rich state, since it holds since it was elected in 2010.


Scott Pruitt, up to now the Attorney General of Okhlahoma.

His appointment may be controversial, but it’s not surprising, since the same Trump he inveighed strongly against the own EPA during its election campaign, accusing it of being responsible for the lack of competitiveness of u.s. industry, currently, because of its excessive regulations.

which is an irony, since the united States has never ratified the Kyoto Protocol, the international initiative more important concerning the control of emissions of the last decades, the united States signed but never ratified. So that next to Canada, who abandoned him, is one of the 3 only countries in the world that are not attached to this initiative reduction of pollutant gases on a global scale.

This happened during the mandate of George Bush the son, and his successor, Barack Obama, proposed the target of reducing emissions by 30 percent before 2030. A target that could be in danger now that Pruitt is now at the helm of the EPA.


The own Trump alleviated the pitch after winning the elections.

Even so, you really do not know what will the direction of Pruitt these next 4 years, because once past the election, the own, Donald Trump has softened considerably tone with respect to Climate Change, stating that for the moment keeps “the open mind” on these issues.