Dongfeng manufacture of a Renault Kwid electric in China

The Renault Kwid electric will be a reality in 2018. Initially it will be offered in China, but possibly also reach India and other markets. There will also be a Nissan electric in China will cost half that of the Leaf.

Nissan developing in China an electric vehicle low-cost that could reach the market next year. This is a car for the segment, intended for use in urban which will be based on a shared platform with other products of the alliance Nissan-Renault.

The japanese firm wants this model to be sold in the chinese market at a price much lower than the current Nissan Leaf. It is for this reason that Nissan will use a platform already used by other products of the alliance, which also includes Mitsubishi Motors.

we Already knew that Renault wanted an electric low cost to China and apparently the signature gala has already found the way to do this, since will use the same platform to develop an electric version of its model Kwid, which initially will also be destined for the chinese market. The Renault Kwid electric will be manufactured by Dongfeng Motor and will hit the market in 2019, initially in China, although subsequently possibly also landing in India where the Kwid is very successful.

The Kwid has been transformed into a true success of sales in its country of origin and in a little time more will be also available in the markets of Latin America where you will arrive from Brazil, to replace the old Renault Clio II already stopped produced in the past year.

China has become one of the markets of electrical cars more important in the world, achieving even surpass the united States and Europe. This is possible thanks to the generous subsidies from the chinese government that support to manufacturers for the production of electric vehicles. In addition, the authorities aspire to that one-fifth of the vehicles sold in China are zero emissions.