Donington Park is discarded as a possible replacement for Silverstone


The world of motoring in the Uk continues to be immersed in speculation, after news that Silverstone, weighing the possibility of waiving the Grand Prix of Great Britain Formula 1 after 2019 if the financial conditions of the BRDC, owners of the circuit, do not improve, and if you do not provide facilities to cope with the large sum of money that requires the organization of the event. After the statements of Bernie Ecclestone about it, the names of several circuits have come to the fore as possible substitutes, among them the Donington Park.

This track, a classic car racing uk, welcomed the Grand Prix Europe 1993, as an emergency substitute for the failed Grand Prix of Asia in the japanese circuit of Autopolis, witnessing one of the victories most emblematic of Ayrton Senna after a phenomenal first lap in the rain. However, today Donington seems to have no interest in to take the place of Silverstone if finally the latter falls off the calendar.

For the current director of the circuit, Christopher Tate, still weighs too much the failed experience 2010, which included a costly reform of the circuit and an enlargement of the plot that never came to occur, which ended up causing the transfer of the contract of 17 years with FOM to Silverstone and was close to cause the closing of the place for economic reasons. Tate says: “We have established a clear goal: keep the layout of the circuit as is. we do Not have any interest in hosting a cars modern high speed, because we would have to change Donington Park for the full“.

Tate, in addition, has been used for to criticize the current model with the Formula 1 to award the management of the Great Prizes, both at the level of organization and, above all, economic, but is confident that the purchase of the shareholding of the FOM on the part of Liberty Media suppose to be a turning point for the future, as well as for the sustainability of the british Grand Prix:

“The business model does not make any sense to anyone, and all this confusion with the calendar of Formula 1 has a terrible impact on the rest of the motorsport. With luck, there will be a business model completely different, and Liberty has made all the right noises about the traditional events. I think that the new owners will understand where everything fits together, because they are experts in the media. Can’t continue with the current fundamentals”.