Don’t ask for a Subaru BRZ more powerful, dreams of a sporty mid-engine

From that came the Subaru BRZ to the streets, the public burning has been asking for a version of the STI more powerful and wild. We can’t help it, we always want more. Well, while we are still waiting for you to comply with any of the many rumors that pointed to this possibility comes another that tells us about the possibility of meeting with a sporting central engine in the japanese firm, what will be tested on a Subaru?

The Subaru BRZ have a starting price of 30.900 euros and 200 horses.

Of the hand of Car & Driver, and the result of the statements “a source close to Subaru” we come up with the idea that Subaru’s are testing as a sporty that would be in a centered position with a propellant boxer turbo.

For this prototype, we are using the platform of the Subaru BRZ and in addition to the above-mentioned boxer engine, we would be faced with two thrusters electric in charge of moving the front axle in a format similar to that we find in the Honda NSX. The above-mentioned media already speaks of a possible 330 horses.

what Will be in the truth of these rumors and Subaru working on your own Porsche Cayman? Hopefully yes, and this time the rumors are right.