Don’t call me naive! Volkswagen fails to fix your TDI, souped-up, but believes that the diesel still has a future in the U.S.

are At bad times for the Volkswagen Group in the united States. The scandal of the TDI souped-up – also known as Dieselgate – remains unsolved, and just a few days ago, the u.s. justice announced the start of criminal proceedings against Volkswagen. The fines faced by Volkswagen could reach 48,000 million dollars, and to make matters worse, they have not yet managed to fix the level of emissions is excessive for some engines TDI affected. But they are optimistic, they believe their diesel have a future in the U.S.

As we already know, the number of engines TDI souped-up in the U.S. is nearly 600,000. Of this number the greater part are engines of 2.0 TDI, sold between 2009 and 2015. The problem that Volkswagen is experiencing focuses on the TDI prior to 2012, that require more than a simple software update – solution of the TDI europeans of the same era. This is possibly due to your violation of emissions is large, reverse TDI souped-up to Euro 5 by using software it is easier to do so with the Tier2Bin5 american.


Volkswagen has not yet provided a solution for these engines, and the time is running out. The solution to excessive emissions of these engines passes through the hardware. it Is necessary to install new emission-control components, components which should be test and approved to demonstrate its long-term reliability. The highest dignitary of the Volkswagen Group – the CEO Matthias Müller – will meet with the , EPA american after the Detroit motor show to try to clarify the situation and ask for more time.

The final judgment imposed by the american justice does not reach the maximum amount, always Volkswagen to cooperate with us.

it’s already been four months that the scandal of the emissions to be revealed, and the solution to some of the engines affected even is list. Although the maximum fines faced by Volkswagen is 48,000 million dollars, lawsuits, americans tend to be at a fraction of the maximum. Some analysts estimate that the final judgment could not exceed $ 500 million, while others speak of a few billion. This will be so have solutions and good will by the Group VAG.


we Know that there is good will and a new policy of transparency, but if there are no quick solutions to the whole of diesel affected in the U.S. the “price” end of the lawsuit may be higher. In addition, it is known that the u.s. justice wants to illustrate with the Dieselgate, to deter any car manufacturer who is going through the head of a deceit similar. With this panorama, we would think that the future of TDI is very black in the united States. Volkswagen thinks otherwise.

do Not call me naïve

Herbert Diess has said in Las Vegas that the diesel will not go out of the range american of Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi.

Before the Dieselgate, Volkswagen dominated with an iron fist the market of diesel passenger cars in the U.S. Almost 25% of their american sales were cars equipped with engines TDI. In these moments, their dealers are up in arms against Volkswagen, can’t get rid of a stock strongly depreciated that no one wants to buy. Many analysts and the media predict that the diesel has lost its opportunity to take off in the U.S. after this crisis of confidence on the part of consumers. With reason.


Herbert Diess has been in the CES Las Vegas, asking a second chance for a technology “now clean”, in their own words. Diess has praised the efficiency and the high torque of these thrusters TDI, which really have been the arguments put forward by the consumers, when they are singing for that engine. it remains to be seen if consumers continue to believe in Volkswagen after this crisis of confidence. Diess is convinced that he will. What we will see in a few months.

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