Don’t do it at home: so crazy is the new record reverse parking (video)

it More difficult still! That must have thought Alastair Maffat when she set out to beat this record of parking in a classic Mini. This pilot specialist already has experience in this kind of challenges. This same year he surprised us with his ability to introduce a Fiat 500 in a space – grab where you can – 7,6 centimeters greater than the length of your car. And has now done the same, but this time in reverse. Alastair has returned to beat a new record, the parking in line in reverse, in a beautiful Mini Cooper.

Seeing the manoeuvre, in the video, I can only wonder how many headlights have jumped in the air, the fins will be dented, and the broken glass will have had to collect him and his team before you get it. The feat would be achieved by introducing the small Mini in a space 34 centimetres higher than the your car. By a centimetre would have exceeded the 35 of the German Ronny Wechselberger, who until now held the record, obtained in June 2012.

don’t miss the next video. An image that surely you will remember the next time that a parking space is too narrow, or that to park you will need more than two maneuvers.

Source: Guinness World Records
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