Don’t purchase a sporting, buy a brand Willow on eBay and fabrícalos yourself


The two copies for sale, one is electric.

If you were thinking to buy a sports unique or if the Kings don’t have brought that Lotus Requires Sport 380 that both wish to, do not worry, now you can get with the brand Willow full, which includes not one but two sports. Enough rare and unique as to not pass unnoticed wherever you go.

Willow was one of many small manufacturers craft that appeared in the united States from the decade of the sixties, but really proliferated in the seventies. The recipe was simple, the scenes are very simple – usually models such as the Beetle – and body carried out the vast majority of the times in glass fiber, many times being replica sports models existing.

Willow was creation of the mechanical engineer Eric Seltzer to the end of the seventies. His experience in competition led him to develop this small, sporty two-seater mid-engine, which took him close to two years. Unlike many kit-car of the time, the Willow it featured a tubular frame, which created ex-profeso, so that a model is completely original and does not require any exemplary donor.


tubular Frame created by Seltzer.

In his time appeared in various magazines of the engine in that market, as Road & Track, Hot Rod Magazine Kit Car Annual, Classic & Special Interest Cars, among others.

His little body is based in the sports of competition to open the season and its name comes from the circuit Willow Springs Raceway, a trail located in California. Employing a 2.0-liter engine maximum power source Ford and had about 100 horses, for a weight of a little less than 800 kilos, which gave him a power/weight ratio of approximately 7.8 kilos per horse.

A figure not very spectacular today, but back then there wasn’t anything bad. By employing a nearby reference, the Corvette C3 1980 had a V8-5.7-liter 192 HP (190 hp) and a weight of 1.510 kg, so that had a ratio identical, 7.8 kilos per horse, but a higher center of gravity than the small sporty fiber glass.


The purchase includes all the necessary tools to manufacture them.

Currently we can find on eBay a pack that includes a two of these
sports and all the tooling used by the company to manufacture them
from the drawings to moulds of the body and tubular frame.
The price at the time of publishing this article is in the 29.500
dollars, slightly more than 28,000 euros. Little you find so exciting
for that price in the market and one of them is even electric, how much with an electric motor of approximately 100 HP.