Doordefender comes to Spain

By very careful we do not give a blow to the doors, especially in coupes or models of three doors, the other does not have why to be so cautious. To avoid those surprises so unpleasant after you park the car in a collective place is Doordefender.

it Is more simple than the mechanism of an olive. It’s one or two magnets encased in a cushioning material and an outer layer of fiber. Adheres to the door, avoiding the damage for self and for others, even if the door is open with bad milk. Is universal, is true for virtually any current model or classic.

In order to avoid vandalism, are united by a set of cables to the interior of the passenger compartment. It has commercialized in Europe since 2010, where they have sold 30,000 units. currently only distributed through the Internet in our country, but is expected to hit specialty shops within a short.

it is Not as comfortable or as unobtrusive as the protector built-in door mount some Ford models, but is more economical. In addition, it is more effective than traditional rubbers that are placed on the edges.