Doordefender, the last accessory to protect car doors

DoordefenderIn regards to the care of the car every person has a philosophy, but there are two extremes that typically are met with frequency. On the one hand are those of us who want our car to be with madness and we like to take it clean, the bodywork is in perfect condition and the order of the day in maintenance. The other extreme is those people that your car gives like, that park by ear and the opens the door without compassion. Yes, those people that your car will matter the least.

The rubbing on the bumper, and the divots in the doors and body side are gifts that we can meet frequently when we parked on the street or even in our own garage. To prevent damage in the body side we now have a new accessory called Doordefender, a few cleats cushioned that will prevent the door of the friendly neighbor leave a scar life in the body of our car.


Doordefender is marketed, in various models, single and double of different length. All of them are based on the same principles, as adhere to the body by means of magnets covered in microfiber that do not harm the body. A security cable is inserted in the car and is imprisoned when the door is closed prevents us from stealing the accessory. As shown in the video, the placement of the Doordefender is quick and easy, especially on the driver’s side, that will be the usually use. Give the return to the car to place the protection may be more cumbersome. Even so, it can be a very good option for those who keep a car that is used infrequently in a community garage and want to avoid unpleasant surprises.

In Europe have already been sold more than 30,000 units of the Doordefender, which now begins its marketing in Spain. First, it will do so exclusively through the manufacturer’s website, in order to arrive at the main distribution chains in spain. The price of this accessory range between 50 and 70 euros, depending on the model chosen.

DoordefenderSource – Doordefender