Dossier, the best selling compact in Mexico during January

Despite the huge sales they get month-to-month crossovers in Mexico, passenger car compact remain major products for the majority of manufacturers who do not want to leave out the user more traditional.

Si, for years, a classic like the Nissan Tsuru managed to dominate the mexican market, now is the Sentra which takes the relay to provide local families a car simple, well-equipped and reliable not too expensive. The Volkswagen Jetta is another “classic” among the most sold in the country although last month his numbers were very low, which makes sense taking into account that expected his release.

Since the beginning of its local production, the Mazda3 boosted his business career in a major way, and today, as a car is very common along the streets of the country, something that is apparent in the numbers of January. Special mention to Kia that has been achieved in a very short time record sales, being the Forte a fundamental pillar in the signature.

The last generation Honda Civic like in Mexico, but not as much as in previous editions. Its design something particular and prices are slightly elevated appear to have slowed their demand. Corolla and Toyota Prius sell well, especially this last one is not exactly a vehicle discreet.


  1. Nissan Sentra 3.206
  2. VW Jetta 2.803
  3. Mazda3 1.917
  4. Kia Forte 1.400
  5. Honda Civic 980
  6. Nissan Has 600
  7. Toyota Corolla 593
  8. Toyota Prius 451
  9. Chevrolet Cavalier 394
  10. VW Golf 348
  11. Hyundai Elantra 317
  12. SEAT Leon 274
  13. Dodge Neon 233
  14. Audi A3 167
  15. BMW Series 1 130
  16. VW Beetle 127
  17. Mercedes CLA 115
  18. Mercedes A-Class 106
  19. Chevrolet Cruze 88
  20. Ford Focus 39
  21. Hyundai Ioniq 38
  22. Nissan Tsuru 15
  23. Peugeot 308 8
  24. Alfa Romeo Giulietta 7
  25. Infiniti QX30 4
  26. Nissan Leaf 4
  27. Subaru Impreza 3
  28. Volvo V40 1

Chevrolet does not have a successful product in the segment and is trying with the Cavalier imported from China to make some noise to attract users with a tighter budget. Hyundai on the other hand has in the Elantra a good support while Volkswagen and SEAT placed very well Golf and Leon between the hatchback respectively.

Surprises sure that you take to see the ranking for the low figures of some models such as Peugeot 308, Ford Focus or the Chevrolet Cruze. Neither can we say that the Volvo V40 has been a success, leaving the Audi A3 the leadership among the signatures premium ahead of BMW and Mercedes. The Dodge Neon, known as Fiat in Europe, nor is it making you stand out and your sales fell 50% last January compared with the same month of the previous year.

[Source: JATO Dynamics]