Doubts about the safety of the tires to 2017


So has expressed the team Mercedes in a report, according to published Apparently, the germans did know Pirelli in a meeting that was held last week. Several teams are preparing to turn similar reports and there is no unanimity when assessing the ability of the tire to contain the large increase in grip aerodynamic curve that the new cars will generate, but Pirelli does not want to leave anything to chance and intends to make a test to prepare for a season with so many changes, and has expressed to Paul Hembery.

“It will become a safety issue. If we’re talking about loads aerodynamic highest that we have ever had, then we are getting closer to levels that no one, who has been in the last 10 years in F1, has faced. So is a new challenge for the whole world”.

But Hembery is not content to do a test and expresses his doubts about the way it’s going to be really useful. “we Cannot appear in February before the start of the season and see these things because you don’t have neither the time nor the opportunities to change. Can the sport realistically provide to us in June of 2016, a vehicle that represents how they are going to be cars in 2017? That is the real question and is the one that has not been answered”, supported Paul Hembery, since the brand represented, he entered Formula 1 in 2010, has had to struggle with the equipment to get tests with single-seaters up to date.