Doubts and concern with the WRC 2017


the future of The World Rally is drawing with the first test of the World Rally Car in 2017. Citro├źn has already proven its C3 WRC in your private circuit and in the French house is on the table to use the version of five-door as a basis, the same doubt that keeps Hyundai Motorsport. A doubt logic derived from the increase of the minimum length of 3,900 mm) will suffer the World Rally Car in 2017. A change that comes along to bodies are thickened and more aerodynamic, more power, with flange of 36 mm in the engines and the back of the center differential, electronic.

The new World Rally Car will be more powerful, fast and spectacular in its silhouette, but that does not have to translate into a greater spectacle for the fans. In fact, the future cars of the championship can be much more efficient, especially in the stretches of asphalt, to make them distressingly stable, something that reveals to the pilots and has expressed Marcus Gronholm: “I like the power, is good. I’m a little scared because the aerodynamics give you a lot more grip, especially on asphalt. From the outside it may seem that the riding is any less spectacular“.

In the own ranks of Volkswagen, the team that seems to have more advanced the project of the Polo R WRC 2017, S├ębastien Ogier has claimed more power and Jari-Matti Latvala has subscribed to the opinion of Gronholm, tester of the team, although focused their doubts on the performance of the cars and their effectiveness in sections, or scenarios, of high speed: “In places like the Rally of Finland, the speed may not be much greater than the current. We could talk about half a minute in the times of a stretch. We have to think about what to do there. There are some places where you really don’t want to go much faster“.