Dress radical for the Chevrolet Camaro in Transformers: The last knight

Chevrolet CamaroOne of the main attractions of the series Transformers are cars. Of course, the effects of special that they get to put on the big screen a “lady” fight between two huge robots in the middle of a street of an american city is what attracts most to the public, although the cast of four wheels is also interesting. The new installment of this saga Transformers: The last knight will be released in a few months, and how not, will count with the presence of Bumblebee, the Chevrolet Camaro amarillo that we like. We bring you one of the first images that reveal the figure that it will look to the american model in the film, and judging by this snapshot it promises and much.

The Chevrolet Camaro Transformers, one of the undisputed protagonists of these movies, you mount a body kit very radical. For the occasion the sport will wear a dress very aerodynamic account, among other things, with several air intakes and a rear spoiler. In addition, to combine with the intense yellow of its body have chosen some wheels with five blades color black that suit him to perfection. A uniform that conveys strength and muscle in spades.

TransformerIn 2017, the cars will fill the cinemas with important premieres. We still await the arrival in April of the next year of the eighth delivery of all gas, a new sequel of this famous saga that promises to continue delighting the viewer despite not having one of the main characters, Brian Oconee. Also Transformers: The last knight, that will be released in the summer of 2017, will take to the big screen a handful of cars like the well-known Chevrolet Camaro that opens this article.

Michael Bay will return to direct a new installment of Transformers. Repeating also, but in the work of the actor will be Mark Wahlberg. In the same way in the cast stand out Josh Duhamel and Anthony Hopkins.

Source – Motorauthority.com

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