Drifting at dawn on a BMW M4, and the video more crazy coupe’s most desired

In motor we agree that the BMW M4 is one of the coupes more crazy than your money can afford. Crazy, by the forcefulness of its six-cylinder in-line supercharged. Desired, because it is probably the M that all we would want in our garage, with permission of the newcomer, the BMW M2. A sport where the limits only puts the skill of the pilot, and I assure you that with a chassis like yours, and an engine so beast in their push like this, those boundaries come soon, and when you least expect it. That is why a video such as that I propose, for just a minute and a half of adrenaline, leads us to want to get back behind the wheel of the BMW M4.

is Not a video of a car doing drifting, but a-mount excellent, with lots of effects, but also moments worthy of the best Hollywood film, probably intended for an advertising campaign.

A video with so much trick, with a track dummy surrounded by buildings and skyscrapers, with fixed guards that rise up from the asphalt so that this pilot will see immersed in a career of obstacles. But honestly all that doesn’t matter.

will Probably be your 90 seconds more used of the day.

A video to be played back on a tv ad would probably have that censurarlo (see the case of the video censored in the u.k.), due to excess of fun…

Source: Alessandro Pacciani | Via: Jalopnik