Drifting lessons: Ken Block teaches you to skid on a 845 hp Mustang

What motivated Ken Block to start filming his famous drifting gymkhana? Ken Block is a real quemadillo, passionate about anything that has four wheels, and by extension, any contraption that goes fast, very fast. Autocar.co.uk had the opportunity to meet with him to discuss their techniques and their motivations, in an interview you can see in this video, and which, incidentally, spoke of rallies yesterday and today. The excessive power of the B group and how skid is not the most effective solution to make a scratch , but the most fun.

This probably was one of the motivations that led to Ken Block’s good to have fun, as anyone else, making his first gymkhanas. And the same motivation that led him to evolve technical, spectacular, ride quality, and even prepare a Mustang 845 hp and AWD, the Hoonicorn.

A video worth, and much to see, and an interview in Autocar.co.uk you should read.

Behold the Ken Block Gymkhana 7 in Los Angeles, the best, the mother of all Gymkhanas

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Hoonicorn_RTR Blown away: the new beast of gymkhana with Ken Block has fulfilled his childhood dreams

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Not a Hot Rod. It is the Hoonicorn Ken Block, without bodywork, burning wheel

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