Drive I: the project of driving autonomous Volvo reaches a new level

it Is well known that Volvo
it is one of the automobile manufacturers most committed by the
driving autonomous. It is, along with Ford one of the main companies
automotive more advanced projects development of a
driving vehicle completely autonomous. And taking advantage of the recent
celebration of the Detroit Auto show 2017, the Swedish manufacturer we
unravel the progress made and what are the next steps
within your project “Drive Me”.

Volvo Drive Me

Volvo wants to have ready their first autonomous car by the year 2021.

In particular, the manufacturer of premium vehicles has announced that they want to take to a new level the project Drive Me adding to the research programme, a family of four members that allow collect crucial information about the driving autonomously in a real-life situation, with ordinary citizens carrying out their daily tasks as well as with real traffic.

HÃ¥kan Samuelsson, President and ceo of the Volvo Group Car, has stressed that with this type of tests and investigations obtained valuable information that ultimately will allow the development of systems and technologies more reliable with the aim of improving the end user experience. In short, the idea is to make mobility safer, more comfortable and sustainable.

From a while ago, Volvo has focused his work on driving autonomous role that will have the driver and not the other way around. It is for this reason that you want to first have the opinion and feelings of the drivers, from it, to make further progress in the development of the various systems that will make up their future autonomous vehicles.


family members Hain (Sweden) are the first citizens chosen by Volvo to participate in its program of driving autonomously in real-life situations.

In the next few years will to participate in the project Drive Me up to 100 autonomous vehicles Volvo that will circulate on the roads of Gothenburg (Sweden). In addition, the company does not rule out expanding the radius of action of the project to other cities of the world.

Volvo has set itself as objective launch to the market its first vehicle to be completely autonomous by the year 2021. A date that, practically, it is located just around the corner. It is for this reason that the phase in which it enters the research program Drive Me is crucial for the final project to come to fruition.

currently Volvo is working with other companies such as Uber (company dedicated to mobility shared) and Autoliv (supplier of security systems for cars), and have formed a joint venture called Zenuity. Its aim is exclusively the development and testing of software for driving autonomous as well as the research of new security solutions for the OEM.