DRIVE PILOT and Active Lane Change: this is how it works the pilot semi-automatic of the new Mercedes E-Class

The automotive industry continues taking steps, increasingly important, to the advent of the autonomous car. Of time it is true that the law does not permit this, beyond solutions semi-autonomous very controlled, and the tests that manufacturers are being held on the roads of many european countries (including Spain). The technique, meanwhile, advises caution until the reliability is at least close to 100%. And that is why that technologies, like the automatic pilot of the Tesla Model S (on the street since a few weeks), or the new DRIVE PILOT and Active Lane Change of the next Mercedes E-Class, generated so much interest, based on an automation of the turns and lane changes to make overtaking.

┬┐what is it based On DRIVE PILOT and Active Lane Change? Mercedes-Benz has taken a step forward beyond their assistants, adaptive cruise control, able to regulate the speed with respect to other cars that precede us, and steer the steering wheel to automatically perform the twists.

The next step of Mercedes-Benz has been introducing a control system which allows the Mercedes E-Class perform overtaking manoeuvres automatically. In any case, this function will be limited to stretches of dual carriageway and motorway, with two or more lanes in our direction of travel, and speeds between 80 and 180 km/h.


  • How to automatically advanced DRIVE PILOT?

    1) to proceed To the overtaking, the driver will only have to select the turn indicator for more than two seconds.
    2) At that time, the car will consider whether a Steering Pilot, the wizard of spin of Mercedes-Benz, is activated.
    3) DRIVE PILOT check that, according to the information stored in the navigation module of COMAND Online, we found ourselves on a road with several lanes in our direction of travel, such as motorways and highways.
    4) Also check that the speed is between 80 and 180 km/h.
    5) At this time, if the adjacent lane will be free for at least 3 seconds, the Mercedes E-Class will proceed automatically to perform the overtaking.

    In short, this system is far from able to be classified as a driving system autonomous, and it could very well be defined as a pilot semi-automatic, similar to that already released by the Tesla Model S. In any case, Mercedes-Benz continues to advocate for the release of solutions to semi-autonomous requiring that the driver can focus their attention on the environment surrounding your car, by delegating the responsibility for certain tasks, more or less uncomfortable, in the technology. According to Mercedes-Benz, the 15% of the accidents that occur on German roads, occur between two vehicles traveling in the same direction. Of them, nearly 20% was due to overtaking manoeuvres automated DRIVE PILOT.

    The new Mercedes E-Class will arrive at dealers in the spring of 2016.

    Source: Mercedes-Benz
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