“Drive Wise”: KIA bet by the autonomous vehicle with a new subbrand

While we wait impatient that news has prepared KIA to the Detroit motor show, the Korean company has decided to show in the Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas a new subbrand aimed at the development of the technology applied to the driving region. Hyundai has the Genesis, KIA now has a Drive Wise.

KIA has promised that in 2020 we see a car partially self… and that in 2030 the driving autonomous will be total:

Recall that recently KIA promised a hydrogen car in the next 5 years. It seems that in 2020 we will have a KIA really technological.

KIA had already announced his intention to present us with cars partially self-employed already in the year 2020, while it predicts the arrival of a driving autonomous total in the year 2030. The technology applied to these cars will come under the label “Drive Wise” and in the CES 2016 have already been shown some of these technologies.

Among these advances we find the application of radars, cameras, and the GPS law enforcement that the car is able to develop autonomously in highway and city counting now with a vehicle tracking system that facilitates the task of management autonomous on firm with lanes poorly delimited, a wizard in terms of traffic, the possibility of to park remotely and a system of emergency stop and monitoring of fatigue, analyzing the driver’s face, seeking to secure his attention, coming to stop on the side appropriate if the driver is too distracted.

Nevada has become by now in the stage of testing of the autonomous models KIA, with an investment preliminary $ 2.000 million for 2018.