DriveId can void your smartphone while driving


new technologies have simplified the tasks of our day-to-day, there is no doubt. But they also have a dark side as the evil use that can be given as, for example, be slope of the mobile and reply to messages while driving.

therefore DriveId wants to put a solution to the present device capable of disabling smartphones while the car is in motion.

The origin of this device comes from the estimates that state that approximately a 35% of drivers under the age of 35 years use the cell phone while driving. This fact shows the seriousness and the possible accidents that could occur.

DriveId is responsible for blocking the smartphone of the driver while driving. you will Not receive notifications so that you will not be exposed to the temptation of deflecting the view of the road to meet them. The device acts only on the pilot’s seat. Both the co-pilot as the occupants of the rear seats will not be affected and will be able to use their phones.

DriveId it is basically a black box that is placed on the moon and split the car in areas by Bluetooth. It is also necessary to have a app that is automatically activated as soon as the car starts to ride.

Although the device is useful for any user, is thought for the parents who want to have some control over the use that can make your children’s mobile phone while driving.

DriveId can be purchased through the website of Cellcontrol for $ 129.