Driving alone: the first taxi without a driver debuts in Singapore


driving autonomous continues to give giant steps, and although it may still be considered in a state very premature, there is no doubt that we will gradually conquer new land, are also within the transportation professional? This is the intent of nuTonomy, a start-up technology that announces hype the first taxi in the world without a driver.

This small company already has six electric cars to be completely independent -Renault ZOE and Mitsubishi i-I miev-, able to circulate on the streets of the business district of Singapore. The service is still in testing, so that these two vehicles have already moved to certain residents of Singapore for the above-mentioned district of the city, completely free of charge.


To do this, you just need to download an app on your ‘smartphone’, and through her to book the trip. The most remarkable thing of all this is that the journey is without a driver to use, fully autonomous, however, and for safety, an engineer of the firm is situated in the front seat to monitor the activity of the vehicle, collect data, and intervene in the event that necessary.

These vehicles have a system LIDAR laser scanning, which is complete with a dual camera located on the dashboard, through which it detects the traffic around the vehicle, objects, pedestrians, and signs. The tests will end in 2018, the year in which nuTonomy plans to make available the service to any citizen of Singapore. For the moment, will continue with the development of their software in the own Singapore, in Michigan (USA) and in the United Kingdom.