Driving an autonomous city with Toyota


During the 42nd summit of the G7, held on 26 and 27 may in Ise-Shima (Japan), in which have participated the seven countries most relevant to global scale (Germany, Canada, the united States, France, Italy, Japan and the Uk), Toyota has filed a conduction system of the autonomous especially developed for the city, named Urban Teammate.

Urban Teammate is the successor of Highway Teammate Toyota, which was presented in October 2015. Highway Teammate is developed so that the vehicles could cope with all the aspects of driving on the road without assistance, including the management of the lanes of incorporation and exit of freeways.

Urban Temamate aims to make a reality of the driving automated in ordinary forms, in accordance with the rules of movement of each place, using maps and data collected externally of intersections and traffic lights. The system account with GPS and cameras, in addition to a module Lidar SPAD, which uses a radar technology high-resolution laser to recognize and represent the environment that is capable of to detect people, bikes and other obstacles around the vehicle.

To be able to work with traffic more dense, Toyota has planned to enhance this system with technologies of artificial intelligence (AI) and a system for automated generation of maps by using COSMIC, a technology of automated generation of spatial information to create the maps of high precision.

In the future Toyota will continue to develop technologies driving autonomous to achieve that mobility is synonymous with security, efficiency and freedom.