Driving autonomous he takes his run in the united States

driving autonomous has raised a host of questions to large groups of car and above all the rulers of the countries. The technology that will take the cars of the future –present – moves faster than society, and therefore there are problems to solve. One of them has to do with the licenses for these cars to be able to perform the tests validation necessary to test its technology.

united States was the first country in the world to enable these tests on roads open to traffic. However, to be a federal state not all countries go at the same pace or understand this type of driving the same. However gradually they have realized that they have with the most important companies and the best conditions for carrying out these tests.

To allow that the marks are even closer to the united States to test in their roads, their autonomous cars is working on a new law. Apparently the republicans have driven a new draft of about 45 pages which includes 14 new projects to regulate once and for all driving autonomous for the entire country.

This draft in addition to to standardize the testing of autonomous cars in the united States would also increase the number of licenses for testing. In this way, the Department of Transport of the country would have to give permission to a few 100 thousand new vehicles. But in addition, is to be determined if these new vehicles would be needed with the steering wheel, the pedals, and the control of a human being when carrying out the tests.

of the approval Of this new legislation, the brands that are betting on driving autonomous will have much cattle. Right now, Tesla Motors is the biggest advantage leads in the market, but Uber and Waymo (Google) would be to fall behind. As it comes, or not, your approval, the Alliance of Car Manufacturers has already described this new legislation as very positive.

however will have to see how it carries out its approval and how to run, well before the launch of autonomous cars on the streets will have to be resolved and other issues related to pathways and signage.

Source – Reuters

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