Driving autonomous will be very present in the next models of Infiniti

InfinitiThat the majority of brands are “flirting” with the driving autonomous from years ago is a fact. And the word flirt seems to be very short for the achieved some marks in this section. We have seen several examples of this type of driving, and the debate is more open than ever, is a technology that will help to driving or completely replace to the chagrin of those of us who love this world? One of the last companies that has spoken about these systems is Infiniti, a brand that has stated that their next models will have an important presence of this technology.

The same Roland Krueger, president of the company in asia, has been the one who has discussed this issue taking advantage of your visit to an event held in Chongqing, China. According to Krueger, this technology will arrive in the next-generation model of the brand. Little by little, in each new model, we will know this type of driving, that will evolve with the time. Krueger also took the opportunity to say that you would like to provide this system to customers, and that will be related to the address offered currently.

InfinitiWith this last detail we refer to address drive-by-wire riding the latest models of the company such as the Q50, an address without a connection between the steering wheel and the front axle. There is No communication mechanics between the wheel and the angle of the wheels of the steering axle main. This system, which has both admirers as detractors, and transmits the information via electrical impulses, and not by means of the steering shaft as usual. A technology that facilitates the inclusion of driving autonomously.

like Infiniti, Nissan wants to bet on this technology, by investing more in the study of these systems.

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