Driving hungover as dangerous as driving with a cup of more

Traje de conducción con resaca

Christmas Is coming and, with it, some other lunch and dinner with the company, friends, classmates and with your own family. At these appointments to the most we want to take also a glass of wine, a beer or a glass, not to talk of going out after dinner in good company. It should not be necessary to say that, after taking any of these substances-alcoholic beverages, the return home better to do it in bus, in a taxi or driving a passenger who has not been drinking, but better to remember it.

Having done the right thing, and returning to our home without having put behind the wheel after a few hours of revelry, may sound to you that feeling of listlessness, horrible taste in mouth, nausea, thirst, lack of appetite, few forces, and the urge to do absolutely nothing: the dreaded hangover. Let us not forget having slept a few hours and, clearly, have rested much less. Although the next morning we can “be clean of alcohol,” our blood, the hangover to a great extent affects our reflexes and attention when driving.

Ford has commissioned the Institute Meyer-Hentschel from Germany a suit that simulates the hangover; “the costume of driving with a hangover”, have been named. With a total weight of 17 kilos, consists of a vest, weights for wrists and ankles, a hat, sunglasses and headphones; that simulate the symptoms before described, the hangover, that is to say, fatigue, dizziness, sensation of head is throbbing and difficulty concentrating.

Richard Stephens, professor of Psychology at the University of Keele in the United Kingdom, researcher of alcohol expert in the hangover, states that “Very often, people do not realize the degree to which hangover affects the main skills to do anything,” says professor Stephens. And is that, although it does not exceed the bac limit, as we have already discussed, the hangover affects us very negatively on driving. In addition, by having “the wrong body”, if we are driving we want to arrive as soon as possible to our destination, which invites us to run. The smaller reflections by the general unrest, together with the excess of speed, can be a time bomb similar to driving under the influence of alcohol.

There would be nothing better than to be able to test that suit for driving with a hangover to see, really, the risks that produces the fact of getting behind the wheel after a night of messing around; for a lot of our bac either 0,0.