Driving in flip flops and without a shirt is dangerous (and it can cost you a fine)

summer Comes, and with it the drivers we acquire habits and practices that will probably ever we could show in the winter. First, because we tend to travel in family or with friends, to go on vacation, what motivates relaxation, and to some extent disengagement. Second, because the heat and the good weather can lead to acquiring habits that would be incomprehensible in the winter, as driving in flip-flops, or without a t-shirt. Something that may seem like a great idea for beating the heat. But it is not, and in addition it can cost you a fine. Let’s look at the issue from two points of view key, the security, and the regulation of the Regulation of Circulation.

it is Not safe to drive in flip-flops, or without a shirt.

beyond the fear that we have a fine, the aspect that should be most important is the security. comfortable shoes, and appropriate, is essential to avoid accidents. Our footwear can depend on the time that it takes to step on the brake, and the distance it takes to stop our car since we detect a danger. We should flee from any shoe that limits our movements. That is the biggest danger of driving in flip-flops, as well as the lack of support that can foster that in an emergency situation, the flip flop is release of our foot and we may be unable to exert the pressure required for braking on the pedal.

therefore, the determining factor of why it is insecure a flip flop is not his format, its material, or the fact that our foot is in the air, without the sock (except in the case of any vacationer of the Spanish levant). The determining factor is that our movements may not be as agile as a running shoe, or a shoe, or that the lack of support can lead to that the flip flop is released from the foot and prevent us from powering the pedals quickly and safely.


In regards to driving without a t-shirt of the problems that we face may not be as important as the improper footwear. If anyone has driven with a t-shirt it is likely that you have verified that the comfort is certainly a relative one. The rubbing of the seat belt on the skin is not exactly comfortable, and there is the upholstery, especially leather and imitation leather, which in summer is converted into a heat source if our skin comes in contact with the fabric of the seat. Not to mention the damage that we may suffer in the skin, usually by friction arising out of the belt, if we suffer an accident.

But on top of these discomforts, which obviously are very subjective, the most important reason for not doing so lies in the fact that the safe thing, always, is to travel with an adequate temperature in the compartment. And a suitable temperature is one that will allow you to travel with your t-shirt without asfixiarte, or sweating in excess. Excessive temperature in the passenger compartment can result in significant problems, such as dehydration, or distractions that cause accidents. And this aspect should take into account, especially in long-distance travel.

Reviews the installation of air conditioning and the climate control of your car before the summer and before a long trip. And to think that these systems, with the extreme temperatures that can be lived in many Spanish regions, are not only an element of comfort, but also a very important safety system.


And what the law says about driving in flip-flops and no t-shirts?

The big problem is that a law may not prohibit driving with flip flops, because for a start would be to define the concept of flip flop. What an espadrille with buckles and ribbons tied to the height of the ankle is a chancla? This is probably the most contentious issue, and the reason why we have been able to read all sorts of comments in an entry regarding this matter we read in Reddit these days, about a point in Forum Transporters.

Driving in flip flops or without a shirt is not prohibited, but also not to be recommended, you can incur the breach of Chapter II of Article 18 of the General Regulation of Circulation. At least if the agent that we have seen considers that the attitude harms our freedom of movement, our attention, or the rest of the drivers.

Chapter III. Article 18.
1. The driver of a vehicle is required to maintain its own freedom of movement, the necessary field of vision and permanent attention to driving, to ensure their own safety, the rest of the vehicle occupants and other road users. To these effects, you must take special care to maintain the proper position and to keep the rest of the passengers, and the proper placement of the objects or animals being transported so that there is no interference between the driver and any one of them.

Said, nor know of anyone who has been fined for driving in flip flops, or without a shirt, nor do we find clear examples and reliable point is actually practiced penalties in our country for this concept. In short, we believe that driving in flip flops or without a t-shirt is a habit to avoid that you should enter within the pure logic, and we consider that it limits our movements and our capacity of reaction to a situation of danger, from there that Traffic desaconseje this practice, and not a habit by which we must be fear of possible fines.