Driving piloted with artificial intelligence: advances of Audi at CES 2017

Audi Q7 deep learning concept

Audi Q7 deep learning concept, the big news from Audi at the CES 2017.

Audi, another of the big German manufacturers, is present at CES 2017, and like many of their competitors, they are using this technology event by way of world-wide showcase to show the world its advances in the field of driving autonomously. For the brand of the four rings, the artificial intelligence (AI), will be a key factor in the technology for the driving piloted, and it is in this in that more resources are investing.

a while Ago we did echo of a small prototype of the Audi Q2 is endowed with a technology that allowed him to learn to park by itself. This is the path that it is following Audi in the hand of NVIDIA and Mobileye. Coinciding with the press conference of NVIDIA, the German brand will show the Audi Q7 deep learning concept, a prototype was created taking as base the Audi Q7 and equipped with this artificial intelligence focused on driving piloted.

The prototype SUV standalone is equipped with a front-facing camera with two megapixels of resolution. Said chamber communicates with a processing unit NVIDIA Drive PX2 specially designed for applications driving piloted. Initially the Q7 deep learning concept is familiar with the route and the surrounding area when the vehicle is driven manually.

Audi Q7 deep learning concept

The Audi Q7 deep learning concept is equipped with an AI with learning capability and driving piloted.

During the driving test the car is able to understand the instructions as coming from a time signal of traffic, to interpret them correctly and act as the situation requires. The driving system piloted developed by Audi and NVIDIA to date allows you to face all type of variables such as weather changes or light conditions.

The collaboration of NVIDIA and Audi comes from far away, as both companies have been working together since the year 2005. On that date the Audi A4 began to use a NVIDIA chip, while two years later it was the Audi A8 which adopted this technology into their display screens. Later both the platform MIBS such as MIB2 did the same. The next step will come with the development of the platform MIB2+, which will debut this year with the arrival of the new Audi A8.

Another of the key partners of Audi in the driving field piloted is Mobileye, since it comes by supplying the German manufacturer of cameras and software that are used in systems such as the recognition of traffic signs, pedestrians, or the marks bounding lane.