Driving with one hand would cost $ 125 000

to Drive with both hands on the steering wheel is a basic rule. The driving instructor will not allow you to drop a hand off the steering wheel to not be that is to change gear or you are manoeuvring. The rest of the time, you’ll need to keep both hands clutching the steering wheel. The protagonist of the following video seems to have lost that lesson, and driving with one hand would cost 125,000 dollars. And that is if or if you want to pay attention driving a McLaren MP4-12C in the circuit, you don’t have forgiveness.

The driver paid a couple of back to a circuit in a McLaren MP4-12C. Hop on one of the models of one of the most important brands in the world of sports would cost around 100 dollars. What I did not expect that bill to rise as the foam, a few minutes later. After what happened, the McLaren MP4-12C that I drove would have several hours of workshop ahead of us to go back to being the that it was. All for about $ 125 000.

What was the mistake of the driver? As simple as not driving with two hands. We cannot state categorically that if it had been two hands on the steering wheel would not have happened which you can see in the video, but at least I would have had more speed when maneuvering. What we don’t finish to understand is how the instructor allowed him to carry only one hand on the steering wheel.

McLaren MP4-12C
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