Drones to monitor traffic: The Police is studying possibilities

DroneWhen the drones stormed into the market, never imagined they would have so much success. There are many companies that have seen business potential in these flying machines, and of course, the authorities also have in mind. It will not take long on see the drones of the DGT “watching” for our safety and fining infringements. Now the Police (Basque Police) is also studying the possibility of incorporating them into its fleet of “vehicles”.

Josu Zubiaga, deputy minister of Security of the Basque Government, has confirmed that the Police is carrying out testing and training with three drones basic, though these are already functional for some operations. Now the same could be applied for surveillance, or search and rescue, providing more information about the situation to the agents. The implementation for the control of traffic is the next step.

Helicóptero Pegasus DGT

If the helicopters Pegasus was not enough, now come the drones

Apply drones to work traffic control as tools of control law enforcement is more complex than that at a time it seems. The Police would have to search higher-end devices for this task, because of the that you have right now are more basic and have them as main limitation of the autonomy of flight, maximum of half an hour. Study the evolution of the market of drones to find the most suitable for these tasks. The Police will not require a specific budgetary provision for the acquisition of these devices.

let us Remember that the Police, as well as the Mossos in Catalonia, have the authority of traffic in the Basque country. It is for this reason that they do not apply the same rules and regulations that in the DGT. For example, do not have helicopters multamóviles and also advise that the placement of controls of mobile speed.

DGT is now hands to the work

Imagen radar PegasusDGT is also working with the Spanish company System to develop a drone that is specific to control the traffic that could be operational by 2016, intensifying controls air and undetectable. This device would have 8 hours of battery life and enough capacity to carry sophisticated equipment up to 8 pounds of weight. The signal of these drones could be sent up to more than 80 kilometers away.

one of the limitations that affect the use of drones is that there will be able to control large areas, since the Spanish legislation obliges having the device always in view on the part of the pilot.

Source – BE the Basque country