Drugs and alcohol, unfortunately, are still present on the roads

Between days 5 and 11 June, the Directorate General for Traffic carried out a special campaign to try to curb the consumption of drugs and alcohol behind the wheel. In part, it seems to have been a campaign by the recent serious violations to cyclists by drivers of passenger cars that, in many cases, they had consumed drugs and/or alcohol. Is something that must be stopped and we don’t care in the least that is the fast track, the controls on the highways.

In that week, the DGT was nothing less than 158.941 controls on our roads. Of this total were 2.284 drivers reported for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. May not seem like a high percentage, but I would not want to run into any of these irresponsible and reckless drivers. Of all those tests were made 1.959 test salivary to check for the presence of drugs in the body, giving positive 657 drivers, that is to say, 33,5 %.

It seems at least surprising that in full year 2017, with so many awareness campaigns by all sides, receive these news. Today no one can say that you do not know the effects produced by drugs or alcohol at the wheel, and the grave danger that this implies both for the driver himself, as to his companions, as for the rest of road users. ¡33.5 % tested positive in drugs! It is hard to believe. He says the DGT which 442 cases were positive for cannabis, 268 cocaine and 88 in amphetamines.

The only “defense” that I can get to these drivers is that, depending on the substance, takes more or less time in the body, so that someone who has consumed drugs 15 hours before (for example) could be terminated without at that time for driving under the influence.

In any case, it seems that the DGT is slowly increasing controls of drugs, something we think is phenomenal, and doing the usual work in controls for alcohol. We hope that this section will continue to harden, because it is not normal that a third of drivers subjected to the test salivary have given positive…

Source – DGT

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