DS 4S: A Peugeot 308 disguised as a premium for China

The new DS 4S exclusive for the chinese market made its debut today at the Auto show in Guangzhou. Based on the current Peugeot 308, has a body that has been redesigned for the DS.

DS-4S-1Orne of the surprises that PSA led to the Car show in Guangzhou that takes place in China this week is the new DS 4S. The hatchback is presented with a front that recalls the DS4 which is marketed in other markets, although in reality it is a product completely different.

In reality, what PSA has done is to take the current generation of the Peugeot 308 european and the dress has a body-redesigned DS. In terms of design, the DS 4S account with the features that are common to the current models of DS, with a front that highlights its large grille and headlamps with LED lights and a few bumpers with large air intakes.

To be based on the 308, both the profile as lagging behind are completely different to those of the DS4 european, with straight lines and a posterior sector finished off by the characteristic headlights 3D to which the brand has accustomed us.

DS-4S-2behind many points of contact with the DS3, both for the headlight as per the format of the tailgate, the bumper and the small spoiler, but in the case of DS 4S the exhaust are separated in two outputs, one to each side of the bumper.

In the interior little has remained of the 308, since we become immersed in a real environment DS. Everything is new, from the format of the panel until the upholstery leather-red. The interior is presented with a clean design, dominated by the touchscreen of the infotainment system located in the center console and a multifunction steering wheel that combines the leather color red and black, in combination with the rest of the interior.

At the mechanistic level is expected wide variety of engine plants, with power ratings ranging from 136 to 204 horsepower THP 1.6-litre. The thrusters can be associated both to a manual transmission of 6 gears or an automatic with the same number of relations.

The DS 4S will be produced at the plant in Shenzhen in China and will be put on sale in that market to enrich the current product family DS. In addition to will be the third model of the DS-exclusive for China, next to the current DS6 and DS5 LS.