DS 5 Commande Speciale, the first DS created as


programs customization “tailor made”, where a car is manufactured completely bespoke -up in the smaller aspects – under the request of the customer, are already relatively common in the most exclusive manufacturers: we are talking of cars of several hundreds of thousands of euros. However, this type of initiatives are not so common in brands of higher volume.

French DS, belonging to the PSA Group, is the first step in that direction with this DS 5 Commande Speciale, seeking to promote a truly ‘premium’ and exclusive. In the image and likeness of the great fashion brands in paris specialists offer the ultimate in luxury, the DS 5 Commande Speciale has been designed completely tailored to a client, going beyond the yes extensive standard options of customization that the brand offers.


The customization of this DS-5 covers all matters relating to materials, finishes, or colors -not its design, or its technical base, and to manufacture it have been necessary four months of work. In the words of Thierry Metroz, style director of DS Automobiles, “The customer can change the atmosphere of your entire DS, from choosing the leather of the seats and the ironing board, until the outstanding material of the mats. Accompanied by a designer, you will have also opportunity to create your own body color.”

Its exterior color Stardust Black is a paint-special gloss black with glitter, while its upholstered interior seats, panels, doors and central armrest adopt a braided leather napa. In other parts, such as its roof, the black leather adopts metallic reflections, and in the inside of your glove box and on the floor mats inside the material is a velvet in color Green Am├ętryne, the same of the prototype DS E-Tense.


The shift lever titanium has been printed in 3D, and your rear tray for the trunk is encased in leather. A luggage set skin hand sewn puts the last note of a luxury and exclusivity that gives good faith to the plate in your armrest, ‘Performed by Atelier DS‘. We don’t know what will have been the final price of this DS 5 Commande Speciale commissioned by the client, but it surely will have been very high, and will not be the last of its kind…