DS 7 Crossback: a first look at a new SUV that DS will present in Geneva

DS 7 Crossback - foto espía

Photo spy of the new DS 7 Crossback. Photography: Ferd.

Not several weeks ago we detailed the new releases DS Automobiles plans to perform in Europe in the coming years. The signature premium of the PSA Group currently has a range quite a “squalid” in which we find only three main models (if we ignore the variants cabrio and a crossback for two of them). However, this situation will change in the very short term. As we anticipated, the French firm is working on a whole series of new models.

And one of them will be the DS 7 Crossback, a model that you can see for the first time in the spy photos that accompany this article. The new DS 7 Crossback will be the first of a “trio” of SUV’s completely new that DS will go on sale by the year 2018. It is a model that the French company has tried to keep secret (and proof of this is the heavy camouflage that has the drive to hunt).

Now, that his camouflage does not fool you, his debut is just around the corner, DS Automobiles plans to introduce the new DS 7 Crossback in the imminent Geneva motor show 2017 that will take place in the month of march. But, what precisely type of model we find? Let’s move on to detail all the data that we know about the new SUV that the DS market in the old continent.

DS 7 Crossback - foto espía

The DS 7 Crossback is one of the three SUV that DS Automobiles launched in the coming years. Photo: worldscoop.

Called internally with the code “X74”, new DS 7 Crossback will be produced at the factory that the French group has in Mulhouse (France). Will be mounted on the modular platform EMP2 used by the new Peugeot 3008, a model that will keep a great relationship. The SUV of DS Automobiles will measure 4.50 metres long, a length very similar to the 3008.

In regards to your paragraph mechanical, the engine range of the new DS 7 Crossback shall be composed of options of petrol and diesel three-and four-cylinder online. Later DS will introduce a hybrid variant plug-in. And although it is unconfirmed, at the moment, the information we have available show that there will be no front wheel drive. All versions of the range come accompany of all-wheel-drive and an automatic change.

¿When it will come to the market? Although his presentation will be at the Geneva motor show 2017 march, will arrive at dealers in europe (and therefore Spanish) until the first quarter of next year 2018. There is still much to see it rolling on our roads, but soon we will be able to know in first person in such an event car.