DS 7 Crossback: unveiled before your arrival at the Geneva motor show 2017

DS 7 Crossback

The worldwide presentation of the recent DS 7 Crossback will be held in the imperious, Geneva motor show, which will open its doors on the 7th day of this month of march. However, it is already possible to observe it with all luxury of detail , as we already saw, thanks to the limited edition of its launch, the DS 7 Crossback The Premiere.

The DS 7 Crossback is positioned as the top of range of the French firm, next to the DS 5. It is the first large SUV from DS and will be the model to usher in the second generation of the brand’s products. Therefore, in the medium term we will see how DS renews its range of products adapting to the new technologies demanded by the industry; news and updates that already appear in this crossover that we bring you here.

This new DS 7 Crossback fails to capture the attention because of its exterior design, in which it distinguishes the front-end, dominated by a grid of cooling, and multiple chrome details. Also, your front get the limelight because of the lighthouses, where we found some touch of elegance that is really charming.

DS 7 Crossback

The appearance of the front headlamps and rear LEDS, makes it look like two beautiful stones that outline geometric figures, while the rear also emit a light purple color at the moment to unlock the vehicle.

The director of the design and styling of the new DS 7 commented that the goal you want to achieve with the new model is to be able to compete against your competition German.

DS 7 Crossback: Engine

The recent DS 7 Crossback will be distributed at the beginning only with a range of 2 engines, built to a gearbox 8-speed. It is known that will be a petrol engine with a power of 225 HP and other diesel BlueHDi of 180 HP.

DS 7 Crossback

For the petrol versions can be choosing a motor a lot more basic, as is the 1.2 PureTech 130 HP, which was found to be associated to a manual gearbox of 6 speeds. For versions diesel will be available in two variants: the 2.0 BlueHDi, with powers of 130 HP and 180 HP, also built-in to the automatic gearbox.

Meanwhile, the hybrid version of the new SUV will be available with a power of 300 HP from the spring of 2019, combining a thermal engine of petrol and 200 HP with two thrusters-electric (one for each axle) 80-KW. This new hybrid version of all-wheel-drive has a pack of lithium-ion batteries, which are slow to recharge in about four hours and 30 minutes using a normal socket.

DS 7 Crossback: Your inner

the interior of The new DS 7 has 2 screens twelve inches. located in the center of the dashboard is in charge of controlling the navigation system, in addition to the multimedia interface and the functions of MirrorScreen next to the DS Connect; the other allows the option of customize it and is directed to the digital technology of the instrument cluster. Also, in the middle of the dashboard is located the clock, which saves your settings and rotates 180 ° to the boot the DS 7.

DS 7 Crossback: Technology

tecnologia del DS7 Crossback

In accordance with the information of DS in one of its press releases, the first edition of the DS 7 Crossback The Premère will provide the DS Connected Pilot, which consists of a system that allows you to open the way to driving a lot more free. Also will the DS Night Vision, which provides a visibility extended if you have to drive at night, and the DS Active Scan Suspension, which through a camera, has the particularity to anticipate the possible imperfections that has the road.

The new DS 7 Crossback will be available in the showrooms in 2018; however, it will be possible to get with the special edition “La Première” of the form online from the march 7, only in France and Switzerland.