DS face planted the Audi A6 and company in 2018

DS plans begin to come to light after deep restructuring and separation as its official brand Citroen. After the cessation of the Citroen C6 and recent doubts about a relief for the Citroen C5 DS has confirmed it will launch its flagship 2018 and thinking in markets such as China and Europe for its development . It is key model will seek to offer something different in the market for sedans representation facing down directly to the Mercedes Class E, BMW 5 Series or Audi A6. The French luxury returns to the fray in this tough battle, DS will be able to achieve the goal of beating the premium signatures?


Once and for all, DS confirms the intention to revive the legendary Citroen DS 1955

The final designation of more premium DS model is still unknown, although by the time the denomination DS8 Provisional code as suggests. As reported by sources close to the mark, development of this model finally seek reissue the success of the legendary Citroen DS 1955 already had a bid if the first attempted with the Citroen C6, but now it seems that will have everything you need thanks to the focus and new direction as an independent firm DS Citroen.

DS-numero-9-110715-02 The idea of ​​premium sedans measured has always been pending between the French, because segment E has always been dominated with an iron hand by the German Trio. Yet PSA stresses that Europe will not be the priority market of the new DS8 targeting China as its main focus, given the growing demand for such vehicles in the Asian giant .

The bad news is that the draft as a manufacturer DS is long term, a time that although the current CEO from PSA – Carlos Tavares – says it, his figures Sales seem to support. In so far this year, sales of DS in Europe have fallen by 24%, while the second DS market, China, has fallen another 21% .

DS-numero-9-110715-01 Source: AutomotiveNews
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