DS will replace his model 3 for a new all-way urban

DS Cars is the signature premium of the French group PSA. This firm, of recent creation, has its range concentrated in only 3 models (not counting the variants of them exist). The next part of this portfolio will be the SUV medium 7 Crossback, but it seems that won’t be the only incorporation of this segment. The urban 3, is already among us for a season, and although the sales cycle of these products is a little longer, as he accuses the passage of the years.

The DS 3 is just begging for your replacement, and more now that the Citroën C3 (derived) has completely changed. However, to give replacement to this utilitarian chic, the product managers of the signature gala would have thought otherwise. The segment of the urban, still, maintains a state of sales enviable, but little by little, is being eclipsed by the SUV.

For this reason, the alternative that would have thought to replace its smallest model will take this path. The idea is in the mind of the managers of the brand is clear: the market share of DS is negligible compared with that of their rivals and if they want to grow as the foam have to bet their cards to what the market demands, the SUV. But in addition, this strategy would be complemented with another one: to offer quality of execution and design in spades. If both go hand in hand, it will be very unlikely that DS fails in his attempt to sell on the european market.

model that they have in their crosshairs is not another the Audi Q2. For us to make an idea, DS will launch on the market an SUV (urban, not compact) that should measure about 4.20 meters and that taken as a basis for his development of the Opel Crossland X, Citroën C3 AirCross and Peugeot 2008. About they will offer a better and more careful design, more technology and quality to torrents. This mix should help him to distance himself from them enough to sell more units and a much higher price tag.

Your arrival has been confirmed by Stéphane Le Guevel, chief of DS in the Uk. The the date marked on the calendar is the year 2019 but we’ll know officially long before (in any appointment of 2018). In addition, there is the question of if it will hit the market with any mechanical electric or hybrid that will help you to differentiate themselves (even more) of its rivals.

Source – DS

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