Dubuc Tomahawk, the sporty electric with 600 Km of autonomy

despite the fact that in the engine.it is a unknown, Dubuc Motors is a company based in California that has been working more than 12 years in the development technological and mechanical for a sporty 100% electric configuration 2+2. It’s called Dubuc Tomahawk.

The platform of the Tomahawk may be adapted to other vehicles

The first model of this startup has been presented in prototyping phase as a car built in structure monocoque aluminum, sharp aesthetic lines and doors with opening scissor that will be manufactured entirely in the united States and will have a autonomy of almost 600 Km (370 miles) on a single charge (although it is unknown the capacity of your batteries or charging time).


Prestacionalmente, the Tomahawk will have twin motors (front and rear) with liquid cooling and will be able to achieve 100 Km/h from standstill in just 3 seconds, as well as a maximum speed of 257,5 Km/h with traction to the four wheels even though, for the moment, we do not show figures about the role in the engine torque or power output end that will develop on the asphalt.

But the adventure does not end here, in Dubuc assure us that, if the project has the necessary acceptance, the platform developed for your first model can be used in vehicles intended for a market niche that is different, thus opening the possibility to models are more general as a saloon or SUV, following in the footsteps of the range Tesla.


The model, which will begin production this year has opened in its page web the process of booking this sport. By $ 5,000 you will be able to make a dent in the list of customers for this vehicle will begin to be manufactured throughout this 2017 will have a final price 118.000 euros to change.

In fact, as they themselves tell us, promise to be a sporty vehicle in perfect balance on the basis of four pillars that your direct competition is not fulfilled as the connectivity 100% power, acceleration up to 100 Km/h in less than 4 seconds, price below $ 150,000 and a cabin configuration 2+2 seater.


From the startup american promise us that, thanks to a successful crowdfunding created to finance the model, the final version of the Tomahawk will be presented to the public in the next CES Las Vegas-2018 (Consumer Electronics Show). We will have to wait until then.