Dubuc Tomahawk, the super sports car, canadian electric 800 HP

Dubuc TomahawkWith a few measures 4.7 meters long, 2 meters wide and a weight 1928 kg, this is the new hiperdeportivo electric manufacturing canadian, the Dubuc Tomahawk.

The power of this hiperdeportivo canadian comes from a lithium-ion battery 100 kWh, which in addition provides a autonomy of almost 600 kilometres.

Dubuc TomahawkWith a chassis and a bodywork made of carbon fiber, the coupe has enough space for four people and its belongings, since it has two trunks, one in the front and another in the rear, so there will be no problem for long trips.

An unknown to many, this model coupe configuration 2+2 is a hiperdeportivo electric with four motors, one for each wheel, which produce a combined power of 800 horses and no less than 1.300 Nm of torque, a bestiality. In addition, it is able to generate 1.2 g of lateral forces.

The hiperdeportivo canadian, it incorporates on the inside, a screen that reproduces the vision in 360-degree and a computer on board, nothing special for the times. Even so, this Dubuc Tomahawk is capable of accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2 seconds, since it has a power/weight ratio of 414 horsepower per ton, and a weight distribution of 50-50.

Dubuc TomahawkAlthough the spokesperson for the brand stated that they have only produced prototypes of the model, and that the figures are only simulations, Dubuc Motors is now seeking, through a crowdfunding process, to carry out your project to the Tomahawk reaches the market in 2018.

Without a doubt, I will not be surprised that each year more and more technology companies associated with motorsport are joining to create their own electric car. Study offered by each one, as they create an electric vehicle is much easier than one-to combustion, easier to repair-since it has so many moving parts – and probably, in the long term, cheaper.

Source – Coach