Ducati gives us an insight of the arrival of a new model… and leaves us with a huge uncertainty

Ducati has prepared a new surprise. A new model that appears in a teaser that has little or nothing to us makes it clear and that fills us with uncertainty about which type of bike you may have after this first advance, what a trail?do a new alternative of low in the front?what about a cruiser?what an electric motorcycle?

can You imagine a Ducati Monster 125cc fighting with the KTM Duke 125? The “low speed exciment” of this first advancement makes us value this option alongside other possibilities, such as a cruiser or… what about an electric motorcycle?

The advancement, published through its official channel of Youtube under the title “This is X” little or nothing makes clear to us, but leaves us with a devastating phrase: “Low-speed excitement”.

This phrase, this ode to fun, low speed, makes us think of multiple resolutions passed by the idea of a 125, a Ducati with the charm of the image of the mark suitable for the drivers validated, for those of you with the car driving license since you can drive bikes up to 15 horses.

Nor can we lose sight of the idea of a Ducati that flirt with the segment custom, a reinterpretation of the Italian segment of the cruiser, a segment in which the firm has already played in the hand of the Ducati Diavel.

We keep waiting impatient. On November 16, we will leave doubts.

“This is X”: preview video of a new model of Ducati

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