Ducati returns to be identified as a victim of Dieselgate, VAG seeks buyer


Ducati 959 Panigale.

Ducati looks mentioned as a candidate to be sold by the VAG Group to obtain liquidity with which to face the high costs that is assuming you do in front of the Dieselgate. According to Reuters, the German group not only has intentions to get rid of it, but that is already actively looking for customers interested in the brand of Borgo Panigale.

Almost immediately after the scandal broke of the emissions of the Volkswagen Group began to appear reports that pointed to the possible sale of certain of the assets of the group. Pointing especially to the brands that satellites of the German corporation, those whose operations did not have a specific weight or synergies directly with the rest of the signature car of the German group, such as Ducati, Lamborghini, or the truck division, which includes the brands MAN and Scania.

however, at all times the responsible of the brands listed, and since the policy of the group itself rejected time and time again these reports. Once completed in 2016, and with the positive results of the exercise of the group precisely in which was his worst year, those rumors stopped as soon as they had come.


Ducati 1299 Panigale S Anniversary.

The VAG Group was with Ducati through Audi in 2012, an operation that cost at that time 935 million dollars, and that the results obtained by the Italian company, which record-breaking sales year to year and with few prospects for growth enviable, seemed to have been a great move on the part of VAG.

however, despite the fact that Ducati has become these years a whole reference of your market, both for their catalog as well as for its results, this seems not to be enough for the German company, although now it seems clear that it will go favorably this trance is facing one of the most complex in the history of this industry.

Reuters quotes sources close to, without specifying, who claim that the dome of Volkswagen has not yet made a final decision but that is already in contact with potential buyers.


Ducati Monster 1200R.

What is certain is that the purchase of Ducati was a move highly criticized by various analysts since the first time, since as a manufacturer of motorcycles cannot share items, and practically nothing of the technology of the German group. However, that has not prevented thanks to the support of the group Ducati has taken, with success, the largest expansion of its history.

The reasons for purchase of Ducati still a mystery, claimed by some that this was the way to enter that market, and in a certain way, planting face-to-BMW Motorrad, the division of two wheels of the BMW Group. The evolution of Ducati seems to endorse that theory, since has in the last few years of being a manufacturer of niche to become a global manufacturer, with products in some of the major market segments, such as adventure or your new bet urban, family Scrambler, with displacements unusual for the brand of Borgo Panigale.

however, many point to that the purchase was unique and
exclusively to a whim of the then chairman of the group,
Ferdinand Piƫch, who professed passion for the Italian brand.