Duel of generations: Porsche 718 Boxster S vs Boxster S 981

Porsche brought important developments in the new generation of the Boxster. A change of philosophy in its thrusters well deserves also a change in their denomination. That’s why the Boxster became 718 Boxster as soon as it arrived the downsizing: smaller engines, less cylinders, more powerful and efficient.

Now the guys from Motorsport Magazine have not hesitated to show us a video in which face to both generations of the Boxter S in a duel of acceleration up to 250 km/h.

Both sports are very different especially in its interior: The classic Boxster S 981 has an engine of six cylinders while on the other hand we have the 718 Boxster with a new block of four cylinders with turbo of higher power. Let’s look at their technical differences:

Porsche Boxster S (918) Porsche 718 Boxster S
Motor 6 cylinders 4 cylinders
Cubicaje of 3,436 cm3 2.497 cm3
Horsepower (HP) 315 350
maximum Torque (Nm) 360 420
Weight (Kg) 1.320 1.355

The result I guess you will not surprise you due to the natural evolution of the model and the figures in the table top but I assure you that you will enjoy for every second that the video’s duration.


After seeing it I already have my clear preference. what about you which you prefer?