Duemila Route; Sold to the complete the largest collection auctioned in Europe


One of the Ferrari 308 GTB present.

This weekend took place in the Milan trade Fair, the auction ‘Duemila Route’ of RM Sotheby’s, an immense and impressive collection of vehicles, and between bicycles, boats, motorcycles and automobiles amounted to a total of 800 lots. The libretto officer ceases clear that the magnitude of this collection, seized from an Italian businessman for tax evasion.

Although the auction house british was not dedicated too much time to provide details beyond the lots, especially by the enormous amount of work which had the power indeed a few inquiries were enough to know the origin of that, to date, has been the largest collection auctioned simultaneously in Europe.

in fact, in the united States are accustomed to events that reach to bring together up to 3,000 units, such as the great events of Mecum Auctions, but we have not been able to find background of any kind in any collection sold at the same time to arrive at these figures.


One of the few Bugatti EB110 GT, 616.000 euros.

a few weeks Ago, put the sale part of the collection Ron MacWorther, with more than 130 vehicles just exceeded one-fourth of the cars gathered here, more than 430. To the that I had to add the hundreds of motorbikes and bicycles, in addition to the boats, the many items of memorabilia and even some of the sled of bobsled of the time.

All that you’d expect that such an amalgam of models, that started out with a few estimates very consistent with the market and, therefore, nothing inflated, become a kind of market offers, would be a great disappointment, since not only they managed to sell all the models, but that in the great majority of cases far exceeded the initial estimates, which as we have noted, in some cases, were relatively modest input.

Even we had some doubts with some specimens, but the size of the collection was sufficiently eye-catching for in a very short time, all the international media is echoed, a warning to the whole racing scene collection, so that all copies have found a buyer, and in some cases, after major bids.


a Little over one million euros by the F40 of 1992.

The volume of models is such that despite having followed all the events during the weekend, it is very challenging to do an in-depth analysis in such a short time. So for the moment we can not say that there has been any piece that has managed to beat some record, but what is sure, is that the great majority not only exceeded estimates, but are close to the highest figures paid previously.

highlighted Pieces

In the list that you showed at the end I offer not only the results of salient parts, those specimens that are more striking or rare, but those that got a great result in the event. Among the units most relevant, listed prominently previously by the organization, we can see that they had great success.

The piece more rare and valuable, was no other than the Ferrari 275 GTB six-carburetors and bodywork alloy, one of the few that came out of the workshops of Scaglietti with the body lighter, and able to reach the 3.416.000 euros, a value that far exceeds the initial estimates, but which is somewhat far from the nearly 4 million who have come to pay for one of these copies.


The overall winner, the Ferrari 275 GTB/6C.

Next to this were the Maserati MC12 Stradale, which was unable to reach a more than impressive 3.024.000 euros, lack of verification, it is probably one of the highest prices paid for never by one of these few units. After these we had the copy of the F40 1992, the last manufacturing year of the model, which was the 1.030.400 euros, somewhat below the current record, or the Ferrari 365 GTB/4 “Daytona” Berlinetta, one of the first copies of the ‘Daytona’ endowed even of the front transparent plexiglass, and that was 873.600 euros.

also Noteworthy the 851.200 euros achieved by the extremely unlikely Lancia-Ferrari LC2 Group C 1991, which was the 851.200 euro a piece very hard to see. The Bugatti EB110 GT changed hands for 616.000 euros, the same figure that it achieved a Porsche 911 GT2 (993). Other examples of the German brand that managed to call attention were the 959 ‘Komfort’ 1988 and the Carrera GT, 2005, that reached 1.008.000 and 761.600 euros respectively.

Between the Lamborghini, the most prominent was the Countach 25 Anniversario, which was the 436.800 euros, a figure quite above the’s 330,400 Ferrari 512 BB or 336.000 euros Lancia Delta HF Integrale Group A the Jolly Club, even with the livery Repsol, or the 246.400 euros Delta HF Integrale 16v Group A officer, with the emblems of Martini.


The Lancia-Ferrari LC2 Group C 1991.

Other striking findings were the 358.400 euros Ferrari Dino
246 GT
, or the 117.600 euros obtained by a Ferrari 308 GTB 1980, a
price more typical of the first units manufactured between 1975 and
1976, more popularly known as ‘Vetroresina’,
we found not one but two units in this auction, which exceeded
the 160,000 and 190,000€, respectively. Figures are respectable for
such models, but far away from the current record, which almost doubles those figures.

In sum, prices are quite high for the great majority of animals, including the less prominent, which for the most part, vastly improved with the initial expectations.