Duster Oroch Express: A new commercial of Renault

The French firm added a new basic version of the Renault Duster Oroch, which puts the focus on its commercial use. Its allocation is basic, and initially is only available in Brazil.

L (a brazilian subsidiary of Renault has just announced un new level of termination for the Duster Oroch, which uses an outer most simple and basic equipment to offer a product primarily intended for commercial use.

this Is the Renault Duster Oroch Express, a very basic version of the pickup derivative of the Duster that dispenses with many of the elements of comfort of the versions are more equipped to achieve offer a very competitive price. Under the hood, the Duster Oroch Express uses the engine SCe 1.6-litre with 110 BHP of power, which can only be combined with a manual change of five speeds.

Externally they have removed the roof bars, the rear bumper is black plastic without paint, and las tires are of the steel. Inside the envelope is very basic, since serial brings no air conditioning or power windows or power mirrors, all elements available in a package of options called “Pack Comfort”.

Renault bet on the capabilities of the Duster Oroch to try to conquer its customers and the charge capacity of 680 kilograms is one of their main arguments.

Initially the Duster Oroch Express is only available in Brazil with a price that part of the 66.190 real (17.700 €), while to access the “Pack-Comfort” customers should add to 3,400 actual (910 €) additional. It is expected that over the next few months, your marketing will expand to the remaining markets of the region.