Dying, Lancia resists its final launch a modernized and Ypsilon

All attempts to revive Lancia have been in vain. The brand is going downhill without brakes for years, until the point of wondering whether it is worth extend its existence for nothing. Lancia soon leave the main European markets, to focus only on the Italian, where he will receive a death without ceremony. And although it is a dying brand, draws strength from weakness and launch a new Lancia Ypsilon . A facelift for the only mildly profitable model lines.

What has changed in the Lancia Ypsilon 2016?

The current range consists only of Lancia Voyager and Ypsilon.

The answer is that very little has changed. The Ypsilon range is composed of three versions – Silver, Gold and Platinum – and will be available in all European markets only five-door body . Although a small car – 3.84 meters long – at the time we found that is relatively spacious and spends very little fuel. The renovation is purely aesthetic, focusing on a more elegant front, with a smaller grille and bumper redesigned with taste and abundance of chrome.

MADRID 23-26 july 2015.Backstage Spot Lancia Ypsilon.Foto Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images The image Lancia wants to promote is the chic and elegant brand, Prada utility. But in an increasingly competitive market, life for a car midway between generalist and premium is not simple. We have no pictures of the inside, but this vehicle built on the platform of the Fiat 500 would release the new instrumentation and renewed new finishes and details like a different knob for the gearshift. The central console and glove box are also more spacious.

New leather upholstery and different colors – including the historic “Blu di Blu” are taken for granted. Also it has a Uconnect touch screen 5 inches for the Gold and Platinum versions. The engine range is completely Euro6 and is based on that available on the Fiat 500 gasoline range will be composed of a 1.2 to 69 hp and a 0.9 with 85 HP TwinAir Turbo power, available with a robotized manual gear box. In diesel will continue to have the possibility of mounting a 95 bhp 1.3 Multijet.

MADRID 23-26 july 2015.Backstage Spot Lancia Ypsilon.Foto Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images An interesting detail is that there is an Eco Chic 1.2 version of the engine that can run on GLP and 80 HP 0.9 TwinAir able to run on compressed natural gas (CNG).

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